Here at Lula Ru we are committed to providing chic and luxurious swimwear that is made to last. Through our collection we want to provide shoppers with the opposite of throw away fast fashion by creating high-quality long-lasting swimwear. Through mixing and matching various items in the collection our customers can update their look each summer without contributing to society’s throwaway culture. The combination possibilities with Lula Ru swimwear are endless! 

All Lula Ru fabric is eco sensitive and sourced from EUROJERSEY which is a company that monitors every stage of the fabric production cycle in order to reduce waste and water, energy and chemical usage. In further pursuit of reducing our impact on the environment Lula Ru utilises the excess waste fabric left over from the garment manufacturing stage and transforms it into further usable products such as hair scrunchies.

Along with this we also avoid the use of plastic packaging and send each Lula Ru swimsuit out for delivery in a useful reusable canvas bag. As we continue to grow our business, we will aim to operate in a fully sustainable manner. One of the ways we plan to do so is to calculate our carbon footprint and aim to offset this through donating to a chosen conservation and environmental charity. We are also in the process of sourcing a sustainable fabric made from recyclables which we hope to utilise in a capsule collection in the near future. Watch this space!